Tragic but Beautiful ~ I love, love, loved it!

This book…

Where do I start?

I read the first two books in the ‘Boyfriend’ series by Christian Benjamin and really enjoyed them. Of course, I’m going to read the third book. Right? Without really reading the blurb, I got right into it. All I have to say is that I had to stop reading several times because of the tears. To make it even worse, I’m a teenage cancer survivor, myself, who started dating my boyfriend, now husband, right before my diagnosis. Wow. What a trip to the past. I’m not going to spoil anything but, if you’re planning to read this book and have looked over the reviews, you probably already have an idea of what happens.

Do not let that stop you from reading it!

It’s a beautifully written story that reminds the reader how short life is and that none of us know when it’s our time. Enjoy life, no matter what your circumstances, and cherish every day with the people you love. Along with this heartfelt message is lots of humor and cuddly moments. You will absolutely love the main male character, Nate. He is the ideal of ‘book boyfriends’. Handsome, hunky, funny, adorable, charming, etc…. etc… I think even the coldest reader would fall in love with him. And the main female character? She’s the tragic heroine, Camille. She’s so closed off and independent at first but her inner strength will humble you, and she’s adorable, in her own right.

If you can handle some tears, and I mean make sure you have a new box of tissues, you love young adult romance, and a tragic but beautiful love story melts your heart, give this book a go. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


P.S. This book does have a (kinda’) happy ending and I loved that about it. You can make me cry but give me something to smile about, especially at the end, as well.

Love, love, loved it!


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