Sugar Baby Lies by C.S. Janey

I don’t usually give the shorter stories five stars but C.S. Janey (now writing as Violet Haze) packed a lot of punch into a smaller package with, ‘Sugar Baby Lies’. It’s a stand-alone that I read in one day. I’ve read many books where the wealthy man hires a woman to ‘take care of his needs’ without any entanglements but, to me, this one stands out. 


The heroine, Lucy, isn’t a virgin but she may as well be. Getting pregnant while losing her virginity, she devoted herself to taking care of her baby daughter and later, her mom, by herself. She hasn’t had time to date, let alone have sex. Desperately trying to make ends meet, she’s intrigued when told about a possible way to earn a better living as a Sugar Baby, a woman who’s hired by a man to be his ‘date’ at different events without being involved. She decides to check into it and is hired by a wealthy surgeon who has no interest in being romantically involved with anyone, ever. 

Dr. Bradley Blackwell is handsome and generous, and, though it’s not required, he and Lucy soon move on to a sexual relationship. Lucy tries to keep her feelings neutral but ends up breaking one of Bradley’s most important rules, she falls in love with him. She doesn’t let on that her feelings are involved but suddenly, Bradley changes everything. Lucy doesn’t know what’s going on but gets the surprise of her life when Bradley proposes.

Their marriage is one of caring and companionship, but love isn’t mentioned. Lucy thinks she can be happy with what she has but discovers that a loveless marriage isn’t what she wants. Bradley can’t admit to love after having his heart destroyed by his first wife. With Lucy’s help, he works to repair his heart and let it love again.

A sweet and spicy, little story with great characters and a terrific ending.

Happy Reading!




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