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One week ago, a friend posted her story** on her Facebook wall. Devastated by this news from a deeply-valued reader/supporter/friend, I asked the question so many others have asked: “What can we do for you, K?” Her answer: “I want for nothing for myself. Do you think we could raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer?” Thus, Stand Up 4 Katalina (SU4K) was born.

All too often, we are asked to contribute in memory of a friend, such as the tragedy that struck our fandom friend Gisela (Mad4hugh) at Comic Con earlier this year. This time, Katalina is here, in our midst, and because of that, this project is unique. We’ve dedicated this compilation to Katalina and made this an “All Request Compilation”: each author who signs up will be fulfilling a wish for Katalina—whether an outtake, a new one-shot, or the beginning of a new story. Each entry will be personally meaningful to Katalina. Let’s pull together and surround her in the cocoon of our love and our support, all the best this fandom has to offer.

Each of us has been touched and devastated by the ravages of cancer, and in order to recognize this, we’re offering the opportunity to dedicate the monetary donations in memory of, or in honor of, a loved one’s battle. Stand Up 2 Cancer’s mission is to fund collaborative, translational cancer research to bring treatments from the bench to the bedside faster, and save lives now.” So while SU4K is intensely personal, it also offers the vehicle for universal, broad-based support.

We hope you will join us in supporting Katalina and cancer research, whether by contributing a story, your beta or banner skills, and a financial contribution to the cause. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

**Katalina’s story:

Hello, All. This post will not be a fantasy but a dose of real life. I’ve come here to my happy place to admire the authors, chat on the threads, and become part of this wonderment that Twilight brought me. I don’t intend on stopping to participate or ‘play’ until I can’t anymore…I just wanted you all to know why my comments and reviews have been sporadic of late.

On our anniversary we went to Malibu, kind of our tradition since moving to CA from MA. I twisted my knee (so I thought) swimming. I really didn’t think much about it, as it didn’t bother me after the first day. Being a dancer, a silent alarm went, up I and made a point to get it checked out once we got home. No worries right? I’m diligent about yearly check-ups and just had one in January. Long story short, went to the doctors, no knee problems, my sciatica was acting up, and I had lost my voice in the morning. I also had swelling in my neck and face (odd). I was just recovering from Whooping Cough and thought it was lingering effects. I had a CAT scan of my upper body, and results showed my lymph nodes enlarged (causing the swelling) and a tumor in my lung and on my hip. I was sent to an oncologist, who then scheduled me for a PET scan. It’s not pretty. Diagnosed with lymphoma, lung, bone, and adrenal gland cancer-small cell. Stage 4 with a 6 month prognosis. Yes it can happen that quickly; this cancer is aggressive and grows quickly. The pain in my leg increased so much I could barely walk. I was sent to have the hip radiated 5 times, and it worked. Pain is gone. I’m an incredibly healthy person and have kept myself in shape forever, which is one reason the doc told me it took an awful lot before it was noticeable. In my head, I’m in a good place and will take what fate has dealt. I’ve done incredible things in my life, have lived, loved, and laughed hard. I’ve had my share of the dark days, too, which is why I lived the way I have.

When Stand up 2 Cancer aired, I had my breaking point — so many people have it. Some survive; some don’t. But this is the reality of life.

My biggest wish is that I’m able to see BD2; is that crazy? I’m 9 hours away from LA. What a dream if I could see the cast and go to the premiere…we’ve thought about it, and I just don’t know how I’ll be at that point, but GD it! I’ve got to see it — lol!

Right now, I’m doing pretty good, teaching my dance classes but not full out. The energy wanes. I’m priming myself and my groups to do a flash mob on the 6th of October, and I’m still sewing up a storm. I’ll be turning my students over to my mentor. They’ll be in very capable hands (and feet!)

Some of you will not respond to this, and it’s ok. Some of you will hold my cyber hand or lend that hug. I just want you ALL to know you have touched me with your words, your wit, your angst, and, yes, your kink. You’ve all woven your way into the person I am. You’ve gotten me through some dark times, and you’ve made the good times so much better…This is not the last you’ll hear from me.


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