Charli’s review of Morning Glory by S.L. Scott


Sweet & Sexy!!!

Best friends who’re looking for love, Nick and Hayley have been closer than close for nine years. Nick even keeps a drawer of clothes at her place. He’s the kind of guy that you grab and hang onto with both hands. Although Hayley acknowledges that Nick is the perfect guy; gorgeous, caring, sweet, and sexy, he’s been her best friend since college. She’s never wanted to risk their friendship by starting a relationship with him. Nick has other ideas but he won’t pressure Hayley and risk her running in the other direction. As they look for love elsewhere, Nick hints that he’s interested in someone new. Hayley, feeling jealous, realizes that they’re more of a couple together than they’ve ever been with anyone else, and begins to think that, maybe waking up together every morning wouldn’t be so bad. Too bad she asked Nick for a little space so she could think, and now she hasn’t seen him in over a week!

Wonderful, sexy story with engaging, realistic characters. Though a quick read, you’ll feel as though you’ve actually experienced a whole lot more with these two.

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