Twice Upon a Time: An anthology to help out a fellow writer

Twice Upon a Time

In late 2010, while at a booksigning and doing what she loves best–meeting her reader fans–author Tina Gerow was struck with symptoms of a dangerous medical condition known as Arteriovenous Malformation. What followed was a series of operations, a lengthy hospital stay and rehabilitation. We are happy to report that Tina is doing well, though her complete recovery is an ongoing process. In cases like this, medical expenses can mount rapidly and, as it often does, the literary community steps in to help however they can. This book is the result of an outpouring of just a few of Tina’s friends from the Romantic Times Faery Court.

This one-of-a-kind anthology includes the literary talents of Eden Robins, Amanda McIntyre, Sahara Kelly, Taige Crenshaw, Vijaya Schartz, Janet Miller, Joy Nash, Liddy Midnight and Kayce Lassiter…and a contribution from you–the buyer of this book! Every author is donating 100% of their royalties to the fund established to assist Tina with her medical bills.

My thanks to my sister fae, gifted and giving people, as well as authors who have stepped

up to put this anthology together for Tina’s benefit.

~ Amanda McIntyre

Anthology includes:

Amanda McIntyre – The Prince and the Pea
Eden Robins – Let Down Your Hair
Janet Miller aka Cricket Starr – A Modern Dancing Princess
Joy Nash – Grandma’s House
Kayce Lassiter – Midnight on the Double-B
Liddy Midnight – Fortune’s Guardian
Sahara Kelly – The Unwilling Frog and the Mystery Princess
Taige Crenshaw – Rendezvous with Fate
Vijaya Schartz – Sleeping Beauty

Cover art designed by Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly

Available at

Twice Upon a Time: Janet Miller,Cricket Starr,Joy Nash,Amanda McIntyre,Kayce Lassiter,Eden Robins,Liddy Midnight,Sahara Kelly,Taige Crenshaw,Vijaya Schartz: Kindle Store.


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