The Crazy Dream Blog: September Madness Giveaway! (INT)

September Madness Giveaway! (INT)

Yay! It’s September, the beginning of Autumn, my favorite season of the year. But poor Autumn. It doesn’t get too much attention, does it? Winter is the season of giving and being with family, Spring is the beginning of new life, and Summer is when we all get to cut loose from school and be free! So why is Autumn my favorite? I have no idea! Maybe it’s just my love of loving unloved things. Like the color orange. How many people love orange best? <raises hand>. Hmm….maybe that’s why I love fall so much! I’m a jewel-toned lover and fall is filled with those!
Ahh…I feel like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, ready to sniff a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.
Well, maybe today I can make Autumn a little more popular with this fantastic giveaway! I asked several of my friends to join with me to create this September Madness Giveaway. It’s time to go back to the ho-hum, get up early every day for school routine, but maybe a bunch of free books will make breezing through Autumn on our way to Winter all the better! Here’s the lineup for this giveaway in alphabetical order:


AIRBORNE by Constance Sharper – 1 paperback

BEAUTIFUL BEAST by Cindy C. Bennett – 1 ebook
DARKNESS FALLS by Jessica Sorensen – 3 ebooks
DEFY THE STARS by Stephanie Parent – 3 ebooks
DESTINED by Jessie Harrell – 1 ebook
DUST by Devon Ashley – 1 paperback (Exp. Pub: 9/18)
EMBER by Jessica Sorensen – 3 ebooks
FALLING IN BETWEEN by Devon Ashley – 2 ebooks
GUARDIANS, THE by Lily Raye – 2 ebooks
HACIENDA MOON by Kasonndra Leigh – 3 ebooks
HEALER’S DESTINY by Julee F. Page – 1 ebook
HEART ON A CHAIN by Cindy C. Bennett – 1 ebook
IMMORTAL MINE by Cindy C. Bennett – 1 ebook
IMMORTALS, THE by KaSonndra Leigh – 3 ebooks
IT’S A LOVE THING by Cindy C. Bennett, et al. – 1 ebook
JERICHO SOLUS by Jeffery Moore – 1 ebook
KINDRED by J.A. Redmerski – 1 paperback
LAST SUMMER by Rebecca A. Rogers – 2 ebook
LOST SOUL, THE by Jessica Sorensen – 3 ebooks
MAYFAIR MOON, THE by J.A. Redmerski – 1 paperback
MY HEART BE DAMNED by Chanelle Gray – 1 ebook
ORDAINED by Devon Ashley – 2 ebooks
POISON by Dejana Vuletić – 5 ebooks
RED AND THE WOLF by Cindy C. Bennett – 1 ebook
REDEMPTION by Veronique Launier – 1 signed paperback
ROYAL ELF OF ABALON, A by Anna del C. Dye – 1 ebook
SCREAMS IN THE NIGHT – TALES OF TERROR by Cindy C. Bennet, et al. – 1 ebook
TAKEN by Kelli Maine – 1 ebook
TAKING CHANCES by Molly McAdams – 2 ebooks
THUNDERSTRUCK by Kelly Libsack – 5 copies
All the giveaways are international unless otherwise described, and all the books are segregated so the winners are sure to receive something they really want.

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