ChristiMcMillen: New Year Resolutions: Do You Or Dont You?


cMillen: New Year Resolutions: Do You Or Dont You?.

New Year Resolutions: Do You Or Don’t You?

(Warning: actual serious post… maybe)

Well? Do you or don’t you make New Year’s resolutions?  I’ve actually never done it really. Personally, I never saw the point. Most people make the promises to themselves, or to their family or friends and then break them… usually within a day or two. I have never been one to break promises (unless there was no option.. none of us are perfect) and so I saw no point… until this year.

This year has been the WORST year ever for me. Yes, I did self publish my first book and that was AWESOME.  But that pretty much was the only good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not gonna go into a depressive spiral, venting all my issues on a public blog that makes you want to beat your head into a wall going “kill the wabbit”, or in this case, my blog. 😉  But, it has been tough, seriously tough, and to get myself out of the state I am in… drum roll, please… I am going to make some resolutions.

So here goes:
    We are putting exercise equipment in one of our bedrooms so that we can actually get into shape.  I plan on losing the last 40 pounds within 7 months. ( Please tell me this is realistic! lol)

    I am going to have the other 2 books I am working on finished by the end of the year. I took the time off to spend with my hubby & kids for Thanksgiving & Christmas but now it’s time to get on the ball now. This includes this blog. I am apologizing for writing so little. It’s been a little busy here! lol

 3. RIDE
    We are redoing our fenceline this coming spring so that we can have our own horses for the kids & for me. (And maybe the hubby if he gives in to it). No more depending on others and it’s time for us to do this as a family anyway. The kids are REALLY glad about this one since they weren’t really happy with the last place.

OK, so these are my 3 resolutions. Nothing really fancy, nothing that should be too hard to do. (I think!)So, what are yours? What do YOU want to do differently this coming new year? I want to know!
 And now… time for the required EYE CANDY PIC OF THE DAY!!!
      Can you tell me who it is?

Oh mama!! Eye candy...


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