Catching my breath after a chaotic but wonderful Christmas…

I hope you all had a terrific Christmas!! Mine was wonderful but so chaotic!! I always vow I’m going to get everything done way beforehand but it never fails, the day of Christmas Eve, I’m either running around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for that last, forgotten gift, or I’m up to my eyeballs in wrapping paper! I’m so busy that I just can’t catch my breath until afterward.

This year, I did pretty good. I finished all of my wrapping the night before Christmas Eve but my house was far from perfect!! LOL!! I always say I’m going to have my house spotless for Christmas, you know… carpets shampooed, no dust, everything in its place? Ha! Like that is EVER going to happen – Christmas, or not!!

I did give away 4 large garbage bags of out-grown clothes and things I hadn’t used in at least a year (try several years), so I felt good about that. I’m a die-hard recycler and giver of no-longer-wanted things to charity, I just can’t live with the guilt of having a plastic jug in my garbage or throwing away something someone else could use, so every year, my family goes through their closets and drawers to gather all of those things that they no longer wear and we donate them to the cancer society. As a 25 year survivor (Wow! Time sure flies!!), the Cancer Society is my number one charity. If not for them, and charities like them, I wouldn’t be here, and neither would my kids. It’s as simple as that. Cancer research is very important to my existence.

Anyway, I’m off the subject here… cleaning, wrapping, getting ready for the holidays…

The house was far from clean even after all of that but we had a great time and I don’t think anyone even noticed how dirty my house was. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a whirlwind of family, gifts and food but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My hubby and I both lost our dads many, many years ago and our family is small but there is a lot of love. Both our moms are widows, mine three times over, and both of our sisters are single, as well. My sis-in-law has been split from our nephew’s dad for a long time and my sister lost her fiance this past fall. (So sad… we all loved him very much!) So, with the four of them, our nephew, my hubby, me and our two kids, there’s only nine of us. We really enjoy being together and appreciate each other in a way that a lot of families don’t. I feel truly blessed and very lucky. We laugh, play games and joke around and really look forward to getting together. Christmas is especially wonderful for us as we spend all of both days together. I get a little overwhelmed but they do help with the cooking and cleaning up, for the most part, and I do enjoy knowing they had a good time.

I do have to admit, though, I am happy when it’s all over. (Don’t tell my hubby! Christmas is his favorite and he gets kind of down afterwards.) I love the decorations and music, and all the chaos and craziness of it, but I’m really happy when all of the decorations go back into the attic and the house is ‘normal’ once more. This probably has a little something to do with my OCD but I’m not admitting that… just an observation. Then the carpets will get shampooed and the mini blinds dusted… all the things I wanted to do BEFORE my house was invaded for Christmas. I don’t really call it spring cleaning, it’s more like something-to-do-after-Christmas-is-over-and-you-have-nothing-to-look-forward-to-until-spring cleaning. Maybe I’ll start this week, after all, we’re doing it all over again for New Year’s. It’s practically a repeat of Christmas, just without the gifts. It would be nice to have the house clean for then but, I do have to go to the store for the New Year’s Eve food and the New Year’s Day food, and I have a story due for a charity on the fifteenth, and there is the whole addicted to Castleville thing… Oh well, plenty of time to clean later, right? I mean, the whole family is counting on me to make their New Year fun and it doesn’t matter if the house is clean, does it? I could let the pressure get to me but I’d much rather enjoy the holiday and worry about the house and all of that stuff later.

After all, the Holidays are the time for lots of laughter, food and love and I’ll have plenty of time to clean and catch my breath afterwards, right? Besides, it’s kind of hard to clean with all the chaos going on but, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

May you all have a very healthy and happy New Year and the best of everything to you all!!

Many blessings, Charli xoxo


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