Charity Navigator – Support Our Troops


Charity Navigator – Support Our Troops.

Many people wish to honor the brave men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. You can do your part to assist those serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere at home and abroad by choosing a charity that assists military personnel and their families.   

With so many charities engaged in these endeavors you may wonder how you can find one to trust to spend your money wisely. To assist you we’ve compiled this list of charities supporting soldiers and their families. These organizations provide various services from lifting soldiers’ morale to financial assistance for food, rent, utilities and medical expenses.  

We caution you to look carefully before choosing one of these charities to support as not all operate with equal efficiency. Those with the highest ratings have demonstrated their exceptional financial health. Donors can be confident that contributions made to the higher rated charities will be spent efficiently as these charities have low overhead and fundraising costs enabling them to use more of their resources in carrying out their mission. On the other hand, the low rated charities do not operate efficiently. Much of the money donors give to those organizations ends up in the hands of for-profit fundraisers, not the brave women and men of the United States’ military and their families.


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