I’m total fail… my donation to Fandom4Cancer.

I’m total fail… my story donation for Fandom4Cancer wasn’t finished in time and is not included in the compilation. I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t able to fulfill my obligation but I know I’m only human, unfortunately. I really like the way the story is going but the ending deludes me… this, plus Thanksgiving, a crappy stomach bug (pun intended) and unexpected minor surgery on my right hand, have all conspired against me in getting it done on time. Sometimes, I really wish that *Real Life* could just, I don’t know, go away for a while? I’m sure other writers have had this same fantasy. When the words are flowing, who wants to have to stop and cook dinner or attend to a buzzing dryer? Ugh!!!

Well, this said, I’m working to finish my story for the Christmas Wishes Toys4Tots compilation and will, hopefully, finish my Fandom4Cancer story in time to be included in the Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes compilation.

So many charities… so little time. I wish there didn’t have to be charities for anything, that none of these terrible diseases/conditions existed, but, since there are, I want to help in anyway I can. I’ve been told I have a little bit of talent in the written word so, I think using this small ability to help others, is the least I can do.

Another cause I’ve committed to is Fandom4TeamLosh. I know this little boy and his family would appreciate any little bit you can do. Please click on the link below to read his story. Talk about a worthy cause… not that any one cause is more important than the next. When you, or someone you love, is suffering, that cause becomes the most important one of all.

If you follow or happen upon this post, please click on one of the links to find out more about these awesome causes. The very least you can do, could very well be majorly huge to someone else.

Many blessings, Charli oxox


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