Fandom Cookie Jar


Fandom Cookie Jar.

With the Winter Holiday season fast approaching, we’ve been asked if we will be hosting another cookie exchange.  The answer is YES!

In order to participate, please complete the Sign Up Form.

Here are the rules:
1.  All pairings are random.  That means if you want to participate, your name and mailing address will be shared with your exchange partner.  NOTE: THIS IS FOR US RESIDENTS ONLY.
2.   All pairings will be sent by 1 December.
3.  Once you receive your partner’s information, please send approximately 2 dozen cookies no later than 10 December. [Note: USPS has standard rate postage boxes that are great for this!]
4.  If you are unable to participate once you have received someone’s name, please let us know IMMEDIATELY so we can reassign them and you.
5.  Once you have sent your cookies, please upload your cookie recipe here.

We are so excited!  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or ping us on Twitter @fandomcookiejar.

Jessypt & ilbelmondo <333 


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